I’m starting my blog now to introduce my Zeke Mayhill books and all the others I am writing. I hope you enjoy them.

What I am also going to do here is show you how to be a great writer. That is, if you are wanting to write stories. There are 3 elements to writing a great story.

1. You must, of course, have a story to write.
2. You must know how to use proper grammar.
3. You must know how to use proper punctuation.

Let’s go with number 1 right now.
You must have a story to write. This could be anything, about any subject. It is a good idea to write about what you like very much. It is also a good idea to write about what bothers you a lot. These are topics that interest people. It doesn’t matter what you write about, if it’s on your mind a lot, people will like to read about it.

Next, let’s talk about proper grammar. Too many people are saying things like ‘me and so and so went there’. This is not proper grammar. You never put yourself first when you are talking about someone else and you. You must always say ‘so and so and I went there.’ This is just a short lesson for now. I will go into it more in another post.

Now let’s talk about using proper punctuation. This will be a later lesson, too, but for now I’m going to say it is imperative that you use correct punctuation so that your readers will not get lost or confused when reading your story. That’s what punctuation does. It helps keep everything straight.

This is all I’m going to write for now, but I will continue to post here about my story writing progress and little writing lessons every now and then so you can be a great writer. I will post at least once a week, but sometimes I will write more often. That will be as I go along here, so keep coming back to see what I’ve got. So bye for now.

Love you,


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